Philip Brown Web Designer / Developer

Age Concern
Lewisham and Southwark

Website features:


In 2011, ACLS was transformed from an out-dated, deserted and a poor representation of the organisation, into a vibrant website offering: character, response, hospitality and most importantly invaluable information.
Working closely with the Communications and Fundraising manager, I was able to extract vital information from departments of the organisation (including service centres) to provide a location on the internet which clearly depicts the characteristics of organisation and offers the same level of passion that drives ACLS in seeing their vision of: wellbeing, support and prosperity for older people.

The website is coded with relevant and structural HTML which boosts page performance such as HTTP page requests. Alternative text and picture descriptions are also present in the website to adhere to good accessible website standards. ot only is the HTML clean, it also features annotation in parts of the markup which substantially aids in the websites development. One example of clean and relevant code illustrated in the website are the navigation menus. Navigation menus are not repeated on pages, with this website; a single menu is featured on multiple pages relative to a particular section. Coding navigation menus in this fashion significantly simplifies editing (; this functionality is performed with the aid of PHP).

The pages of the website is formatted with smart CSS coding which not only responds to the users actions on the page, but it also formats particular page objects on specific pages. CSS is also used to format navigation buttons and link decorations attached to associated with CSS classes.

The website has been created with thoughtful javascript functionalities which allows viewers (,particular those with visual impairments) to adjust the font size of the page text. It also allows viewers to access content in drop down menus and widgets as well as automatically carries out form validations.

Coding PHP into the website allows modular administration of content which appears on multiple pages (for example; the header and footer). The website also features other PHP functionalities such as a newsletter subscription form which dynamically stores information into a MySQL database on the server. With this email contact information; administrators are then able to send newsletters to contacts in the address book. Those receiving newsletters are able to unsubscribe from the service by clicking on an unsubscribe link provided in each newsletter. The website also features an events calendar which allows staff to post events which can be viewed in multiple ways by visitors.

It was important for the design of the website to not only be simple and easy to navigate but to also express the full characteristics of the charity in an engaging and impacting way. The colour scheme of the website was derived from Age Concern Lewisham and Southwark's logo. The pictures were selected specifically to project the content of each section. The layout was designed to carefully place the simply tools needed to navigate through the website, search and gather information, and also contact and take action in supporting the charity's efforts.