Philip Brown Web Designer / Developer

Particular! That's me. I am all about individuality, of which 80 percent of my individual-ness is made up purely from precision.

I have gone from computer systems and network engineering to designing and creating websites. And throughout the whole journey it's always been about: looks, presentation, design, feel, response... the list goes on and ends up with precision.Philip Brown

I was born and raised in London England, and I have always cringed at the idea of working inside of a box. The thought of not being able to show what I am really capable of, or only able to do something that everybody else can do; is disturbing to me. Give me some tools and I will go around fixing things, give me a container and I will go around collecting things, but give me some pencils and some paper and I could; draw, write, calculate, colour, shade, plan, design, construct something from the paper... the list is endless, which explains my taste for web design.

I studied IT and Business in 2008, of which Web Design was included. Above all the other subjects, web design stood out as artistic craftsmanship allowing me to express myself through designing and coding websites. Web designers have so many options! Although working within guidelines, I felt a freedom to expressively leave my signature impressed in the design and coding of my work, marvellous!.

Soon after completing the course I started a voluntary job, building a website for an organisation. The completed website was approved by everyone, and it was after that when I turned all my energy to web design and I have never looked back.

So enjoy my portfolio website, feel free to email me at anytime, and keep the eyes on the portfolio page because new and exciting projects are constantly being added.